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Women's Viscose Bamboo & Organic Cotton Pancho

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Product Description 

I love clothes that can be dressed down for a day on-the-go or dressed up for a night out. With a silky-soft feel and great drape, the organic bamboo draped top is great for day and for evening wear. Dress it down with a pair of your favorite comfy jeans, or dress it up with your best earrings and flirty skirt. Best of all this top is made of organic bamboo, which means that you can be stylish and Eco friendly at the same time.

Why Bamboo Clothing?

  • Super soft
  • Gentle on allergy prone skin
  • Antibacterial - bacteria doesn't live well on bamboo fabric, so it doesn't get smelly
  • Cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays - perfect for outdoor wear
  • Absorbs moisture - ideal for exercise and yoga
  • Warm but breathable - comfortable in all temperatures
  • It is natural and organic, which means that it is better for your health and the planet

More product features

  • Breathable & Cooling effect
  • Highly absorbent and wicks water away
  • Side seamed
  • Set on rib collar
  • Tape shoulder to shoulder
  • Made in USA
  • Size chart
  • Free Shipping!