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Secure Electronic USB Medical Identification Data Device

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Keep Your Personal Data Safe For Medical Emergencies with Easy EMT Access

Identification Devices LLC has introduced iD - a small, portable electronic identification device that offers emergency response personnel (Police, Fire Rescue, EMTs) information such as your name, emergency contacts, a list of your current health conditions, medications, medical history, blood type, and allergies, all of your critical-care information, so you can be properly treated at the scene of an accident.

iD is small enough to be stored practically anywhere. the iD form and software program reside on the iD device. When inserted into a USB port, the program is auto-loaded when using any Windows operating system computer. Comes with free Key Ring!

Product Features

  • Medical information now available to EMTs without having to say a word
  • Great for those with: Children, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Disabilities, Alzheimers
  • Critical data stored on a USB Flash Drive
  • Allergies, Medications, Drug Reactions, Medical Conditions Safe and Secure
  • Not Online, Safe, Completely Confidential, and Secure
  • Free Shipping!