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BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer for iPhone & Android Devices

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Instantly transform your smartphone into a police-grade breathalyzer with the award-winning BACtrack Mobile. Quickly and easily estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC), track your BAC results over time, and with ZeroLine, estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%. You can even call an Uber directly from the App if you've had too much. Features wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, powerful app-enabled BAC tracking tools and is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. Because of its police-grade fuel cell sensor technology, BACtrack Mobile is ideal for both personal and professional use.

Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology
Engineered from technology used in experimental vehicle fuel mixing, BACtrack Mobile utilizes proprietary platinum-based Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensors which deliver the most accurate, consistent BAC results, with police-grade accuracy.

Optimal Breath Capture
Breathalyzer accuracy begins with an effective breath capture mechanism. BACtrack breathalyzers are carefully designed to exclude ambient air, fumes, and other airborne gases that could contaminate results. To enhance accuracy, BACtrack Mobile features a miniature solenoid air pump to test only air from the deep lungs.

DOT/NHTSA Compliant
BACtrack Mobile meets the federal requirements of the Department of Transportation and National Highway &Traffic Safety Administration for a personal breath alcohol screening device.

BACtrack Mobile is compatible with iOS devices, including iPhone and iPads, as well as most Android devices running version 4.3 or higher. It is also fully compatible with Apple Watch, where your BAC results are sent directly to your wrist. And with the new Active ZeroLine™ feature, you can view a continuous countdown of your BAC at a glance.

Apple Health Kit
BACtrack Mobile seamlessly integrates with Apple Health so you can see your total health picture and assess how alcohol may influence factors such as sleep and activity level.

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