Gentle Face Wash with Chamomile, Red Clover, and Elderflower Extracts

Product Description:

A light foaming gentle gel face wash that is suitable for all skin types. Mild cleansing will leave your skin clean without harsh chemicals.


  • Chamomile: soothes irritated and problematic skin. It has flavonoids that can diminish skins blemishes and assist in healing
  • Red Clover: soothes the red and scaly areas of the skin. Also diminishes acne spots and makes your skin look radiantly  glowing.
  • Elderflower Extracts: nourishes the skin and helps fade freckles and skin blemishes. 
  • White Willow Bark Extract: a natural skin care ingredient that exfoliates to alleviate with acne while soothing the skin.   Rich with anti-oxidants helps to tone and reduce redness in skin. 
Directions:No need to wet face, gently massage over entire face. Rinse well. Use morning and night.